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The Office Mythologies, Or the Sweet Tyranny of the Corporate Life (Le syndrome de la chouquette, ou la tyrannie sucrée de la vie de bureau)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. | March 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and North American rights.


With much humor and a dash of critical thinking, this book examines office life as we know it. Nicolas Santolaria keenly observes the work market as it is and predicts the direction it might take, for better or for worse.

The coffee machine, the open space, the disappearing boundaries between private and professional life, the work parties, the ability to cope with B.O., the use of scooters to go from a meeting to another, the coffee shops taken over by a sea of freelancers and their laptops…

In about fifty short essays, Nicolas Santolaria, a journalist with a keen eye, delves into a world we all experience and know too well: the modern work environment. The author covers it all in great detail: from the quirky or embarrassing situations to the habits we have developed with our coworkers; from the job jargon to strange or frightening management techniques, not to mention the nervous breakdowns, mild or acute, that occur as a result of this modern way of life.

More than meets the eye, these humorous essays reveal a new contemporary mythology.

A leisurely reading for the office… or not!

Nicolas Santolaria, a freelance journalist, collaborates regularly with Le Monde. This collection of essays comes from articles he has written for the French daily newspaper. Among others, he is the author of “Hey Siri,” an investigation into the genius living inside the smartphone.