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Off! Your Life Can Finally Begin (Off ! Ta vie va enfin pouvoir commencer…)



Original Language: French | 288 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: World excl French

Rights sold: Korea (Totobook), Greece (Livanis)


101 solutions to FINALLY get off your phone!

What I’m here to offer is practical advice on how to look up from your cell phone, to start detoxing ourselves slowly, to discover again the true beauty of real life.

I too have spent numerous evenings where I looked exasperatedly at the four people present, eyes glued on their phones, smiling at their last incoming SMS. In the end, I started doing exactly the same: endless zapping, juggling with emails, networks, news, hashtags, SMS and phone calls… alone.

Has my smartphone become my cuddly toy? Why do I always have to be on my phone 24/7? Am I a victim of its tyranny? Without denying the utility of these machines, I offer you to equilibrate the game to lower our dependence and come back to life!