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Not Everyone Likes Broccoli (Tout le monde ne raffole pas des brocolis)



Original Language: French | 192 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents:Dutch, Nordic and North American rights


Charlotte is 32. She wants what is best for her two-year-old, and after she started buying local and organic foods, she decided to change other habits too, in order to lead a healthier life… much to the dismay of her partner, Alexandre.

Corinne is 55. Recently divorced, she is enjoying life and leading a second youth. She likes working as wedding planner, loves to have fun, and hates being careful. However, health problems force her to face reality and take better care of herself.

Amandine is 20. She is an idealist and a rebel and wants to quit her business studies to go woofing around the world. She is constantly arguing with her mother, Corinne.

In 2006, Camille Choplin started her blog, Ecologirl, to share tricks and experiences with others. She works in the Bordeaux area, in an organisation that promotes green development, and she organises the “Apéros écolos de Bordeaux” (51st edition in December 2017).