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I Have No Time to Love You (Non ho tempo per amarti)



Original Language: Italian | 300 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.

Rights sold: France (J’ai lu)

Over 25,000 copies sold, winner of the Premio Bancarella 2013


Julie loves vintage atmospheres and old-style gentlemen. Terrence loves hard rock and torn t-shirts. But, most of all, he is a lot younger than her.

Julie Morgan lives in New York and writes love-stories set in the past. She loves everything of the historical periods in which her novels take place: elegant men, falling in love just by brushing each other’s hands and so on.

The only thing she would save of our times is online shopping, which allows her never to leave her beloved and usually quiet apartment – quiet until in her building, in the flat just upon hers, a mysterious lodger arrives – a strange, very young tattooed guy dressed in a way she judges absolutely unacceptable. Luckily, Julie is searching for an old-style gentleman, because her too modern neighbor could turn out a lot nicer than she would have expected.

Anna Premoli was born in Sisak, Croatia, and lives in Milan. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, for a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an “anti-stress method” during her pregnancy. Ti prego lasciati odiare (Newton Compton, 2013) won the Premio Bancarella and the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film. She published with Newton Compton Come inciampare nel principe azzurro (2013), Tutti i difetti che amo di te (2014), Un giorno perfetto per innamorarsi (2015), L’amore non è mai una cosa semplice (2015), È solo una storia d’amore (2016), L’importanza di chiamarti amore (2016) and Un imprevisto chiamato amore (2017).