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New Ideas to Understand the 21st Century (Les idées nouvelles pour comprendre le XXIe siècle)



Original Language: French | 250 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Rights sold: Korea (Mooney, at auction), Greece (Polis)


If you want to stay up date – you need to read this book. A must have as we finish the summer and get back to work. — Laurent Joffrin, Libération

At last: a clear and unbiased book to explain the new ideas in politics.

Where do the concepts of ‘universal income’, ‘the commons’, ‘transhumanism’, ‘antispecism’, ‘heteropatriarchy’, ‘blockchain’, ‘digital currency’, ‘uberisation’ and ‘degrowth’ come from, and where are they leading us?

These ideas have all burst into contemporary public debate in reaction to the environmental crises, the technological revolution, the weakening of democracy and the evolution of labour. The controversies they cause disrupt the dominant ideologies that structured the 20th century and reinvigorate paled political debate. They are shaping the world of the future, and yet, surely due to their long confinement in the militant margins, they remain misrepresented, unknown, or simply misunderstood.

Removed from contemporary partisan politics, this book gives a complete, objective and accessible introduction to these concepts. Its aim is to help the citizen of today understand the 21st century.

Rémi Noyon, 28, is a journalist at l’Obs.

Philippe Vion-Dury, also 28, is the editor of Social-ter, a print and online magazine on the new social economy.