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New Economic Myths (Nouvelles mythologies économiques)



Original Language: French | 112 pp. | October 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (US & Canada) rights.

Rights sold: China (East China Normal University Press), Greece (Patakis), Italy (Neri Pozza), Spain (El Viejo Topo).

Over 20,000 copies sold


Economy is too important a matter to be left only to economists. This second pamphlet –written by one France’s leading economists– aims to immunise citizens against such mystification and to divest politics of its fatal charm.

The economy has become the grammar of politics: its rules and conventions now frame public discourse, affording leeway merely in the choice of vocabulary, rhetoric and intonation. However, just as economics is not a science, so economic grammar is not so much a scientific fact as a form of mythology.

Given that our economic mythologies are polluting public debate and poisoning the democratic spirit, this book sets out to deconstruct new mythologies of varying degrees of sophistication, which are predominant today and which are largely based on three economic myths: neo-liberalism, xenophobia in the guise of ‘national preference’ and persistent climate change scepticism.