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Never Say Goodbye



Original Language: English (Ireland) | 448 pp. | 2011

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Rights.


The Irish No. 1 Bestseller!

Four women share a terrible secret. Now someone has found out … and wants revenge.

Thirty years ago, the official verdict was that thirteen-year-old Zoe Gray accidentally drowned. But when her sister Claire inherits the family home, she discovers her sister’s secret diary, which tells a very different story. Claire discovers that four schoolgirls in Zoe’s class were guilty of appalling acts of bullying that ultimately led Zoe to take her own life. She vows to avenge her sister by finding and punishing the women responsible.

The four schoolgirls are now in their early forties, and all are leading wealthy and privileged lives, where golf and shopping enable them to keep their demons at bay. The tragedy of Zoe’s death has defined their own lives, and kept them close to each other, united in guilt that is never spoken about. But suddenly, out of the blue, someone is threatening to strip away the safe veneer of respectability they’ve built around themselves. They all have so much to lose. Yet as the story unfolds, even more astonishing are the secrets they’ve never shared with each other…

As Claire starts out on her journey of revenge, she finds herself in a world where nothing is quite what it seems. Will she succeed in avenging Zoe? And are there further secrets to be uncovered?


Unputdownable, a real page turner.  ~RTE Guide

It’s brilliant … Really different – it’s a real chick book but with a little more edge to it!  ~ Reader, writeon-Irishgirls

This book is well worth a read for those who are looking for something gritty.  ~ Chick Lit Club

This is an imaginative and unusually plotted novel with a clever ending that brings all the threads together and solves the mysteries encountered on the way.  ~ Books Ireland