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Never Put Off to Tomorrow What You Can Do the Day After (Pourquoi remettre au lendemain ce qui peut être fait le surlendemain?)



Original Language: French | 100 pp. | November 2017

2 Seas Represents: World excl. French rights.

Under option: Germany, Korea.


‘Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week,’ so says a Spanish proverb. To which Jonathan Swift replies: ‘Never put off to tomorrow what you can do the day after.’ As the title suggests, this book takes sides with the satirist to poke fun at our inclination toward procrastination, giving us all the advice we need to never get started at all.

Forget about the tips to override your natural penchant for laziness and get you to the grindstone, this is a book for the shirker within. Do your friends and family see you as a slacker? That’s because people now confuse lounging with idleness. Behind this book’s biting humour is true wisdom: procrastination is as old as time, and our efficiency-mad society tends to ignore its virtues.

This book has the power to make you totally idle and carefree.