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Narcotics: From Mafias to States. Cannabis and the New Empire of the Green Gold (Drogues: Des Mafias aux Etats. Cannabis: Le Nouvel Empire de l’Or Vert?)

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Original Language: French | 256 pp. | April 2019

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (US & Canada) rights


A well-researched investigation into the economics and politics of drugs and the legalization of cannabis – and its consequences – in certain countries.

Some countries are trying to replace the black market for cannabis, held by increasingly powerful and destabilizing criminal organizations, with a legal and more ethical offer. This option is a better choice for society, at the same time as it deprives cartels and mafias of a part of their financial resources.

Here, the strengths and weaknesses of the illegal and the legal markets for cannabis are compared in an attempt to analyze which model will outweigh the other.

This confrontation between countries and drug traffickers has led to the birth of a third player: private investors, motivated by the economic sector estimated at 7 to 8 billion dollars per year, now more profitable than the alcohol sector. Large financial and stock exchange maneuvers now strengthen the position of those who will undoubtedly become tomorrow’s leaders of “Big Marijuana.”

Will the legalization of medical marijuana keep what it promises? What consequences will the legalization of marijuana have on other drugs, and the criminal organizations that deals with them? This book analyses and questions both today’s and the future’s drugs politics and economics.

Xavier Deleu’s latest film for ARTE, in 2016 Faster, higher, doper was watched by over one million viewers. Author of many essays, he codirected The Red Gold Empire about the thriving tomato business. The book it is based on, published by Fayard in 2015, sold 15,000 copies in France.

Stéphanie Loridon is a journalist specialized in financial and economical issues. She has investigated sectors such as the audiovisual medias, the steel industry and large industrial groups.