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Your Name After the Rain (Tu nombre después de la lluvia)



Original Language: Spanish | 584 pp. | February 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English (NA) Rights.

English sample available.


January 1903. Professor Quills, a brilliant and withdrawn scientist, returns to his home in Oxford having attended a conference in London; Oliver Saunders, young and diligent, works is his tiny garret at Balliol College, surrounded by dictionaries and Gothic novels; Lionel Lennox, who loves the good life and easy women, is in Egypt, ready to desecrate the ancient grave of a princess to steal a relic of great value.

The men have little in common but an interest in a new science that explores the afterlife… Soon, their desire to know what lies beyond will take them to Ireland, a land of legends, where stones have a story to tell and the sound of rain mingles with the weeping of women.