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Mythology according to Game of Thrones (La mythologie selon Game of Thrones)



Original Language: French | 320 pp. | April 2019

2 Seas represents: World excl. French rights

Rights sold: Czech (Jota, at auction), Brazil (Planeta), Spain (Planeta/Minotauro) 

Over 10,000 copies sold


Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. Its creator, George R. R. Martin, is a living god with an impressive erudition. Season after season, he has captivated millions of viewers and his work still fascinates the world.

Gwendal Fossois is a GoT fan and a lover of mythology, and has combined his two passions in a book, where he studies the mythology of the Seven Kingdoms in great detail. Lovers of the series will enjoy reading about the world-building, the characters, and the hidden symbols of this literary universe, which owes a great deal to mythology.

The work of Gwendal Fossois will allow you to better understand and decipher the mythological intricacies of George R. R. Martin’s work.

A must-read for all Game of Thrones fans!