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The Mystery of Abbacuada (Il mistero di Abbacuada)



Original Language: Italian | 270 pp. | June 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.


Lively, irreverent, loud. – L’Unione Sarda

Plot twists, irony, and real events giving spark to the construction of a perfect Sardinian style thriller.  – La Nuova Sardegna

An enthralling, perfectly constructed thriller with a touch of irony set in the fascinating scenario of Sardinia, a kind of Mediterranean Far West

Just a few days after being transferred for disciplinary reasons from Bologna to Sassari, Sardinia, Lieutenant Giorgio Roversi finds a dead man in a cave, with a severed ear. Inquiring about the homicide with the help of local people – who will become new friends or even something more – Roversi will discover a mysterious world made on ancestral rules handed down for centuries throughout generations in the deep heart of the island. And the case will turn out more complicated than it seemed at first.

A novel set on the mysterious and charming landscape of Sixties Sardinia: a savage island untouched by mass tourism.