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My Mental Health Record (Mon carnet de santé psy)



Original Language: French | 70 pp | February 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,  Finnish and US English rights.


Designed as a diary for parents, this landmark book allows them to accompany the psychological evolution of their child just like they’ve already been doing for his or her physical health.

Almost all countries apply a system of health records that monitor children’s physical evolution, and there’s a plethora of books about childbirth. But curiously, nothing focuses on a child’s mental health. This concise book fills this void and aims to give parents the tools to assess the relational, affective, and emotional balance of their child. It also allows them to see if their child has enough resources to go through all the stages of childhood and adolescence, and then to build his or her adult life.


This short book does not give lessons, but indicates the necessary reference points through assessments by age, explanatory “information sheets”, preventive “alert sheets” and all kinds of common sense advice. It also refers to specialists when the need arises.


Sophie Marinopoulos is a practising psychoanalyst. She specializes in childcare and has written a number of works including Dites-moi à quoi il joue et je vous dirai qui il est, Elles accouchent mais ne sont pas enceintes and Mère épuisée. Her books have been published in several countries.


– Convenient, easy to use (with the looks of a diary), educational and interactive.
– It takes our feeling of guilt away, and is reassuring.
– Written by a respected expert in the psychological development of the child.


– Part of the royalties will be donated to an association for the promotion and the mental health of children in Nantes.