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Muses-series: Inspiration from the Shadows (Les inspiratrices de l’ombre)

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

TV series adaptation aired September 2018 on France 5


“A new collection that I will tell people about with pleasure.” — Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Public Sénat

“This is a very beautiful collection.” — Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Radio classique

“One the those small pleasures you can’t refuse.” — François Forestier, L’Obs

“Little divinely illustrated books that you will simply devour.” — Eve Ruggieri, Radio Classique

“Your next bedside book, I guarantee.” — blog Publik’Art

“We love the stories as much as the illustrations.” — Amélie Cordonnier, Femme Actuelle

A fascinating historical 8-book series on the influences from the shadows, the inspiration drawn from love.

120 pages of absolute delight concerning the tumultuous affairs, ardent desires and feminine influences on historical legends: Balzac, Baudelaire, Gauguin, Victor Hugo, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Picasso and Rodin.

“Inspiration from the Shadows” highlights the influence of love in the work of legendary artists and historical figures, whether statesmen, artists or writers.

With the talent of novelists, each author tells of the sometimes decisive and little-known role played by these inspirers and muses, and do justice to women in artistic creation or political decision-making. In addition to a gallery of female portraits and the reconstruction of an era, these stories make us discover the circumstances, happy or tragic, artistic or of political creation.

  • An elegant format decorated with marvelous illustrations for reading pleasure which help understand the singularity of the gigantic, tyrannical and creative desires.
  • The colorful story of the loving genius; voluptuous anecdotes and great moments of history.
  • A cultural object: a treat to read and a gem to carry.