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The Moon in the Mines (La luna en las minas)



Original Language: Spanish | 248 pp. | May 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and North American rights


It was said that during the war, the other war, our war, that he had taken too much pleasure in blood. A taste for blood. An appetite for blood. Like a wolf.

In Maestrazgo, between rocks, forests and ravines, a man walks to the outskirts of a village before dawn. He presses a bulge against his chest. Legend has it that a child has been born, Joaquin, over whom a terrible destiny hangs. But in spite of everything, his father wants to save his life and gives him to his grandmother to watch over him. The little one will live, yes, but damned forever.

When, being young and aware of the burden that weighs on him, he loses the only people who anchor him to the earth, he decides to leave Vistabella: too many lives are in danger, his own and those he loves. He then tries to find refuge in a place where the light of each full moon, which turns him into what he does not want to be, can never reach him. That is why, like so many young people who fled hunger in the sixties in search of a better future, he goes to Germany to work in the coal mines. But in spite of the love, of the friendship that he finds there, the beast is not defeated. And if, to prevent the beast from doing harm again, she is condemned to lie underground forever, she will drag Joaquin with her, the part of the pair that legends do not usually pay attention to…

This book has the type of magical realism that is more reminiscent of Camilleri, less comical but with the same poetic quality.