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How to Meet the Right Person: From the First Glance to a Happy Romance (Comment faire la bonne rencontre)



Original Language: French | 190 pp. | October 2014

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


Millions of online dating sites, millions of singles who are searching to find their soul mate, a subject which concerns men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds.
How does one find the man, or woman, of one’s life? No matter one’s age, 18, 30, or 60, it’s a question that everyone has asked themselves, asks themselves, and will ask themselves. Online dating sites know a considerable success, but the possibilities are so immense that the choice remains rather difficult.
Once the date has a location, how does one know if it’s the “right person,” someone with which one can create a lasting relationship?
Thanks to her experience as a psychologist and a coach, and from a number of testimonies, the author explains what’s at play during romantic encounters, the pitfalls to avoid, the keys to seduction, and the best ways to “construct” a happy romance. A book filled with kind advice.


Social psychologist and successful author (The Loves Which Hurts Us, and How to Please in 3 Minutes), Patricia Delahaie is equally a life coach and lecturer. Her best- seller How to Keep Your Spirits Up has sold more than 12,000 copies in one year.