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Master the Key: A Story to Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose



Original Language: English | 196 pp. | April 2019

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. English rights.


Master The Key, is the story of Steve, a very successful adviser at Outlier Capital. He began his career with the intention of having a meaningful impact on others, but the markets were booming and his motives were quickly overcome by the sweetness of easy money.

Soon, the great recession hammered everyone, especially Steve, and he was brought to his knees. Everything was in the tank — his relationship with his wife, Lucy, and two daughters, Tina and Elle, his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and of course, his business. He was on the verge of losing it all.

One night after an intense argument with his wife, Steve drove back to the office with one thought in mind: bourbon. Shortly after arriving, a phone call from Gerald, Steve’s mentor and largest client, interrupts his attempts to enjoy a neatly poured glass of the stuff. Unfortunately, he was calling to inform Steve that he would be pulling his accounts and investing them elsewhere. The devastating news launched Steve into a rage and he shattered what used to be his most prized possession, a photograph of him, Lucy and the girls.

How could I let this happen? How could I have gone from the heights of success to this? Suddenly, Steve begins to feel as if his stomach is trying to crawl out of his mouth. He can’t breathe. He knows something is terribly wrong.

Fortunately, when things look bleakest, a man known as The Janitor arrives, saving Steve’s life. After Steve recovers, he agrees to meet with the man who saved him. Over the next several days, The Janitor, and a few of his friends — an orphaned violinist, a Cuban refugee turned entrepreneur, and an executive coach — teach Steve that the greatest crisis humanity faces is not a financial one, but rather an even greater crisis comes from:

– Unconsciously allowing a circumstance or someone else’s story direct one’s self-narrative
– Chaining one’s gifts to the pursuit of status and achievement
– Allowing a comfort or fear to replace action
– Misunderstanding the power of community

Most importantly, they remind Steve he already possesses the key needed to fulfil his God-given potential and live a meaningful life on purpose.

Mike Flynn has been advising individuals, as well as executives of companies large and small since 2005. And beginning in 2009, he felt called to do something more, something even greater. Mike commenced that journey in 2015 when he launched a podcast called The Impact Entrepreneur Show. Since then, he has had nearly 200 one-on-one conversations with some of the worlds most elite athletes, thinkers and entrepreneurs in an effort to discover how they are using their personal stories to have a game changing impact in the lives of others.