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Mandela, A Philosophy in Acts (Mandela, une philosophie en actes)



Original Language: French | 200 pp. | November 2014

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

English sample chapters available

Over 8,000 copies sold


Mandela, a philosophy through action

Nelson Mandela achieved what few human beings before him had managed to do: through the power of his actions and his words he brought to the fore a strikingly elevated image of Man and an idea of politics that was exceptionally noble. There are a few fundamental reasons to that, which may however too soon be washed over by the daily waves of media sensation. This book has stemmed from the urgent need to examine the most essential reasons why Nelson Mandela’s words and actions are of such important portent, before silence and noise make them sink into oblivion. Mandela was not a philosopher in the actual sense, but the author of this book holds that Madiba created through his actions a philosophy of tremendous political, ethical and legal interest. To understand it, this philosophy must be read as it developed in the context of his childhood, his years of militancy, his life in prison, the way he governed and created the legal basis of a new society, his talent for dialogue, his relations with others and sometimes with his worst enemies. This provides the material for a truly original view of human emancipation.


Jean-Paul Jouary is a Doctor of philosophy and a professor. He wrote a number of works on political philosophy and the philosophy of science as well as on paleolithic art. He recently published Rousseau, a citizen of the future, and Diderot, a life without God.