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How to Live Like Your Cat – Exercise Book (Agir & Penser comme un chat – Cahier d’exercices)

Author: ,


Original Language: French | 320 pp. | May 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Rights sold: Sweden (Forum), The Netherlands (Kosmos). Under option: Germany, Portugal, Spain, Catalan, Italy, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, World English, Brazil, Canada French, Estonia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Hungary


Time to embrace your inner cat!

With more than 120,000 copies sold in France (and more than 25 translations around the world), How to Live Like Your Cat is a publishing phenomenon.

Laurie Hawkes, a well-known clinical psychologist, fell in love with the book and decided to help you put the cats’ secrets to well-being into practice.

Thanks to these simple and efficient exercises, you’ll finally begin to feel better on a daily basis.

Ready to adopt the cat-titude?!