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LifeTonic: A Modern Toolkit to Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul



Original Language: English (UK) | 272 pp. | April 2017

2 Seas Represents: French, German and Scandinavian Rights. 


Jody is absolutely amazing, I’m incredibly inspired by her energy. She’s kept me grounded and allowed me to let go of things that were holding me back.’ — Ella Mills – Founder of Deliciously Ella and Mae Deli

A new leader in the self-help movement, a fresh voice in healing your modern woes….if you’re spiritually curious, Jody is here to superpower and expand your life‘ — Brigid Moss – Health Director Red Magazine

Jody makes meditation cool, spreading her amazing message of self-love and how to reconnect with your true self, this book is a game changer.’ — Madeleine Shaw – Bestselling Author, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher

Jody completely disarmed me. Her bubbly, smiley, easy-going demeanour belie a very deep, powerful and spiritual gift’ – Eminé Rushton – Wellness Director, PSYCHOLOGIES magazine

Jody is such a beautiful beam of light. She is a vibrant channel for us to clear out the old and see the truth of what we really are. Grateful to have her as a mentor and get to call her my friend.’ — Ashley Roberts – Music Artist, TV Presenter, Model

Jody has that rare ability to speak directly to the deepest part of you, but rather than simply identifying the blockages that might be getting in your way, she’ll also arm you with the advice and practical tools to work through them, so you can face the world feeling stronger, more connected and more you.’ — Joanna McGarry – Beauty Director at large, Stylist Magazine

Jody makes it cool to look within, remove the blocks, love yourself and go get what you desire! Jasmine Hemsley — Wellbeing expert, Author and Chef

‘[Shield’s] unique fusion of meditation and healing techniques help the business leaders, creative figureheads and A-list celebrities who call upon her help to move past emotional blocks and limiting habits to -excuse the hackneyed Insta-phrase – live their best life. They’ve nailed the positive mindset and now she’s spreading the intel on how you can too (though, she’ll be the first to assure you that you don’t have to be “spiritual” to make it happen).’ — Women’s Health

This isn’t spiritual in the organised religion sense. — Red

Do you feel unhappy with the life you lead? Are you stuck in the wrong job or relationship, the same old cycles, and in need of a better balance? Or perhaps you feel you’re doing ok, but only ok. Something’s missing. If so, it’s time to let Jody Shield into your life.

Jody is well known to London’s highest fliers as the must-see consultant on health and wellbeing. Having worked in advertising for ten years – and reached burnout in her own life – she is now committed to helping others overcome stress, anxiety and the fear of change. Jody helps her clients find the true core of their problems, and lasting solutions.

Now Jody is sharing her pioneering techniques in her first book. LifeTonic offers an alternative path to finding what you need to live to your full potential.

Jody guides you carefully through her powerful self-help tools and ‘tonics’ to help you overcome negativity and fear. You will learn how meditation – easily integrated into your daily life – can change the way you think, even if you’ve never tried it before.

Reading LifeTonic is an empowering experience; a combination of mindfulness, meditation and healing that delves deep to discover where you want to be, and what’s stopping you getting there. This is a book which has the power to give you energy and purpose.

Jody says: “I want to bring modern healing and remedies to people feeling stuck and heavy in life. I’m excited because I get to go on the journey with my reader and help them create a brighter, richer and more exciting future. My intention is to help awaken and light up everyone who reads the book, so they really love their life.”

Jody Shield an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher and self-development expert. She maintains a thriving and successful global practice working with groups and individuals. She regularly speaks to large audiences at sell-out events.

Jody worked in advertising for 10 years, which means she understands the pressure of succeeding in the corporate world. She now works with many global brands including Nike, Stella McCartney, LiveNation, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Soho House, Frame and Fremantle Media, running meditation sessions and self-development workshops for employees. She is also a meditation ambassador for Lululemon.