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Life. He means everything to me, right up to the end (Life. À la vie à la mort il est tout pour moi)



Original Language: French | 240 pp. | April 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French


A resurrection.

A world first for medicine.

The incredible story of two twins.

September 26, 2016. Franck, then aged 32, was handling a flammable container without protective clothing. It exploded and burst into flames “like a rag doll”. 95% of his body was covered in burns, and his vital organs were damaged. Only his face and a tiny bit of skin, tattooed with the word ‘Life’, remained intact. Statistically his chances of survival were close to zero: no one had ever survived burns over 45%.

His brother Eric told doctors he wanted to become a donor. They were twins, after all. At the word twin, the doctor saw a chance. “Identical twin?”. And they were off: genetic testing, biomedical advice, and a world-first skin graft attempt. Doctors removed skin from Eric’s thighs, back and entire scalp. Three operations in ten days. He was “skinned alive”. After months of painful recovery, Franck learned to live again. He was saved. Eric’s skin grew back. They are happy, proud, and more alive than ever before.

This book weaves together the stories of these two twins. The story of how one brother saved the other, how together they made it through the pain of two very different experiences.

A story of rare humanity, against the backdrop of medical prowess.


Franck and Eric Dufourmantelle are 34-year-old twin brothers. They live near Amiens in France.

Franck worked for a company in the chemical industry. In September 2016, the materials he was handling exploded unexpectedly and he suffered burns across 95% of his body.

Eric works in the pharmaceutical industry. He donated 45% of his skin to graft onto Franck.