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Life. He was doomed, his twin brother saved him (Life. Il était condamné, son jumeau l’a sauvé)



Original Language: French | 300 pp. | April 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French


After suffering burns over 95% of his body, he was saved by a full-body skin graft from his twin– a medical world-first.

An operator in a chemicals factory, Franck was handling a canister of inflammable material one September morning in 2016 when an explosion set him alight. It left 95% of his body surface burned and his vital organs at risk. His chances of survival were nonexistent: no major burn victim touched over 60% had ever been saved. One of the only parts of his skin that remained intact bore the tattooed word: “Life”.

His brother Eric immediately stepped forward to say that he was ready to donate his skin. His declaration was met with embarrassed looks from the doctors: this sort of graft was impossible. It was time to mourn, or just about. Franck being “alive” at all was a miracle.

But Eric insisted: he wanted to donate… after all, he added by chance, he was Franck’s twin.

This word set something off in Professor Maurice Mimoun, the head of the Saint-Louis Hospital’s major burns unit: “A real twin?”

Everything was set in motion: genetic tests, an examination by the biomedical agency, authorizations from the state prosecutor… the green light was given for this worldwide medical premier: an almost complete skin graft.

Eric was “skinned alive” to help rescue his brother. And after months of uncertainty and struggle, Franck was indeed saved. The twins had overcome a certain death and were left happier, prouder and more alive than ever.

An exceptionally intense human adventure, set against the background of medical achievements.

Franck and Eric Dufourmantelle, 34 years-old, are twin brothers and live near Amiens in northern France. Franck works in a chemical plans. On September 26th 2016, an explosion left burns covering over 95% of his body. Eric works in a pharmaceutical company. 45% of his skin was removed to graft onto Franck.

Catherine Siguret, a writer and screenwriter, has close to fifty books both to her own name and ghost-written for celebrities.