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Letter to My Son (Carta ao filho)



Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese | 160 pp. | April 2013

2 Seas Represents: Chinese-Simplified, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the Brazilian Portuguese can be funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Click here for more information.

English sample chapters available.

The title reached the top ten in the Veja best-seller list.


What kind of mother am I, Betty Milan asks herself in this book. How could I have avoided the mistakes I have made?

Allowing the question to guide her, she writes to her son and revisits their personal history to discover the answer. She realizes that she doesn’t recognize herself in any style of motherhood and concludes that, in order to act appropriately, a mother needs to listen to her child. For her, there is no such thing as a model for a mother, or a model mother.

Without ever overstepping the limits that their relationship imposes, she writes about her love life, ignoring the centuries-old taboo that one should not talk about such things with their children and, in so doing, postulating that children need to hear them.

A gripping book that examines what it is to be a mother and a woman, entirely based on the author’s own life from birth to maturity, including her studies with Lacan in Paris and her return to a Brazil that she rediscovers through analysis.

Free of the notion that good mothers are infallible, Betty Milan communicates this liberation to her readers.