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Kiss (Kus)



Original Language: Dutch | 240 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: World excl Dutch rights


Delicate… beautiful, serene images… exceptional sensitivity for the fragility and transience of life.— Groene Amsterdammer

Original father-son novel… very well done. — NRC

Rare poetic strength… fascinating, rich and comforting. — Nederlands Dagblad

Impressive novel… tightly composed… full of subtle literary references. — Literair Nederland

Room 11, intensive care, children’s ward. A father keeps vigil at the sickbed of his nine-year-old son, who is lying in a coma. Night after night he talks to his child. He tells the boy about his own father and the son that he once was… until that defining moment.

He tells him about his own fatherhood, the impossibility of protecting his son from all the dangers of life and the unbearable weight of his love – how all of this made him decide to leave the family.

Kiss is a gripping story about a father-son relationship, the beauty and tragedy of it. As the son fails to wake from his coma, the father’s longing grows for a place where time doesn’t affect them anymore.

Julien Ignacio (1969) studied European Studies and Literature at the University of Amsterdam. For four years he travelled through Asia and Australia, West-Africa, the Caribbean, South-America and the Middle East. He has published theatre plays, short stories and is editor of the literary magazine “Tirade”. He lives in Amsterdam and has two sons.