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Just Live! (Vivez !)



Original Language: French | 96 pages | March 2012

2 Seas Represents: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Rights.

Rights Sold: Italy (Castelvecchi)


Two years ago, at the age of 91, Stéphane Hessel wrote a small pamphlet that became an unexpected bestseller Indignez-vous (Time for Outrage). It was a call-to-arm for millions around the world and was translated into over thirty countries. But who is he really?  He shares his values and inspirations in this essential and timely book which will accompany us in daily life.

Journalists Edouard de Hennezel and Patrice van Eersel have gone to meet with Stéphane Hessel. From this short volume consisting of sparkling and profound dialogues emerges a vital and powerful inspiration for people of all ages, an unrelenting curiosity, a responsible engagement, a defense of ecology, a great awareness of the difficult times that today’s generation is faced with, a lot of humility, a passionate love for others and for life, and an unwavering optimism.

More intimate and spiritual than Stéphane Hessel’s other books, Just Live! does not lecture its readers: written in very accessible language, it speaks to everyone and introduces us to lesser-known sides of Stéphane Hessel, such as his passion for poetry (the book includes a selection of poems from among others Edgar Alan Poe and Baudelaire).

About the interviewers:
Edouard de Hennezel is a journalist and the founder of Alteus, a consulting firm in crisis communication. Patrice van Eersel is a journalist, writer and editor-in-chief of the French magazine Nouvelles Clés.

“I’ve been very lucky in my life. Very lucky to have had a mother who played a remarkable role for me, but also to have lived through periods in our history during which I could have had serious troubles and which I’ve overcome every time. My chance in the mid-twentieth century, which has been cruel to many, is to have experienced great pain, great sufferings—torture—often risking my life… and to have come out of all that physically and psychologically intact.”

“We are ambivalent beings. We carry many heavy and dangerous things within us, yet there also are more generous and progressive ones. By trying to harmonize the former and the latter, I believe it is possible to walk the path of our lives, while being proud of who we are and of what we can do.”

“I think the best way to conceive love is, once more, to see it as a moment of responsibility. We discover someone with whom we want a jointly responsible relationship. This gives moral strength to love, which it cannot have when it’s merely an exercise.”