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The Island Series (Eilandliefde-serie)



Original Language: Dutch | 330 pp. | February 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

Over 40,000 copies sold in total


A series of four interlinking books about friendship, love and life’s burning questions against the beautiful backdrop of nature, beach and sea of the much loved Dutch Wadden Sea Islands: Dune Grass, Storm Wind, Spring Tide and Slack Water.

DUNE GRASS (Duingras) – Book 1 (February 2018)

Wende Freriks has reached a turning point in her life: she has dropped out of college and, quite unexpectedly, her boyfriend breaks off their relationship. On a whim, she books a two-week holiday on one of the Wadden Sea Islands, to come to terms with these sudden changes in direction and to figure out what she really wants in life.

In Big Fish, the only beach pavilion on the island, she accidentally meets the owner Axel and his best friend Vincent: two complete opposites. Vincent is happy-go-lucky and a ladies’ man, while Axel proves serious and inaccessible. Before long, Wende finds herself a regular customer and friendships develop as she gets a taste of island life. Her old life seems far away. Besides genuine friendship, she also finds herself shyly developing deep- er feelings for broody Axel, although she tries not to: her newfound freedom should be relished first. But then her ex shows up and turns everything on its head…

STORM WIND (Stormwind) – Book 2 (February 2018)

Vincent is a surfer, a happy-go-lucky maverick. So, when his best friend Axel no longer needs his help to run Big Fish, the beach pavilion, because Axel’s new lover Wende has taken his place, he is more than happy to resume his old life of freedom. He exchanges the Wadden Sea island for San Diego to hang with the surf crowd there and en- joy a no-strings-attached lifestyle in the sun, but after three months, he finds himself bored. He keeps thinking about his friend Axel, about kitesurfing, about… something he can’t yet name.

He returns to the island to find that eighteen-year-old Milena, Wende’s niece, who has fled a traumatic experience and needs the healing peace and quiet at the island, has moved in with Axel and Wende. And while Vincent jumps back into things at Big Fish, and helps develop all kinds of plans that Wende has come up with, he finds himself feeling more and more responsible for Milena’s well-being. But will she be able to trust him?