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In Marie-Antoinette’s Secret Service (Au service secret de Marie- Antoinette)



Original Language: French | 320 pp. | May 2019

2 Seas represents: World excl French rights.

Under option: Germany


The brand-new series In Marie-Antoinette’s Secret Service offers a delightful tour through the Palace of Versailles’s many secret passages and tunnels. From behind her fan and ribbons, the Queen keeps a keen eye on everything that’s going on at Court. With the help of a picturesque pair of sleuths, a jewelry heist will be her first case. This droll, light-hearted novel introduces us to a cunning and manipulative Marie-Antoinette through a truculent detective story.

Recently wed to Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette is soon bored by her new role. Balls and finery aren’t enough to entertain her. An antique jewelry theft will offer her a chance to develop new skills, this time as a detective. For the sake of her mission, she assigns Rose, a milliner, and Léonard, a hairdresser, the role of spies. The only problem is that Rose and Léonard can’t stand each other. Rose is compulsively neat and orderly; Léonard, a party animal. The only words they ever trade are insults. But they’re going to have to learn to get along if they want to earn a spot in Court. Their investigation begins in town, where two murdered bodies have just been found. Are the murders connected to the jewelry heist? Will the two servants manage to curry favor with the Queen by finding the treasure? Hidden by her fan and her towering hair-dos, Marie-Antoinette will take on an entirely different role than the one assigned to her!

Winner of the Historia and Arsène Lupin Prizes, Frédéric Lenormand is an established writer of historical fiction. The idea of writing about Marie-Antoinette had been on his mind for quite some time time before he suggested it to Éditions de La Martinière. L’Enquête du Barry (The Du Barry Investigation) is the first volume in the all-new In Marie-Antoinette’s Secret Service series.