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I’m Scared! How to build up your courage and handle monsters ( Che paura! Guida per fabbricare coraggio e affrontare ogni mostro)



Original Language: Italian | 127 pp. | March 2017

2 Seas represents: French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Nordic Rights.

Rights Sold: Portugal (Bertrand)

Over 4,000 copies sold


With illustrations by Lucia Zappulla free from rights.

Afterword by Stefania Andreolli.

Is it true that when your parents separate they have to split everything, including the cat, so that mummy might get the head and daddy the tail? And that a little boy once reached out into the darkness and could never find his hand again?

Children can be scared of many things: getting lost, growing up, their parents getting divorced, being judged, homework. Fear is a normal emotion, which we should respect, because it helps to put us on our guard against danger. But it’s a double-edged sword: sometimes the mind makes no distinction between a real threat and a non-existent one.In this book, each fear is represented by a monster with a real identikit.

In order to confront your enemies you have to know them, and have a trick up your sleeve to defend yourself…


Portugal (Bertrand Editora)