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I’m a Boy, Actually (En fait, je suis un garçon)



Original Language: French | 240 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French


The first time a trans teen speaks out. A sensitive book that speaks from the heart about a question that has been silenced in our society for too long.

Born in a girl’s body, Isaac (named Tyla at birth) knew from a young age that he was a boy. Puberty betrayed him: deep down, he felt like a boy. Life was getting harder and he didn’t understand why. Online, he discovered he wasn’t the only one to feel like his gender didn’t correspond to his sex. He could finally put a name to his identity: transgender. Feeling like a boy even though he was born a girl.

At 14 years old, he decided the time had come to come out as a boy. Starting the school year as a girl, he will end it as a boy. He now answers to the name of Isaac and letters are addressed to ‘him’ instead of ‘her’. Supported by a loving family, he talks about his incredible journey from one gender to the other, at the age when identity is forged. For the first time, a teen tells us what it is like to be transgender.

Isaac Bodros is 14 years old. Since school started in September 2017, he has been a student at a boarding school in the suburbs of Bordeaux.

Clarisse Verrier is a journalist and filmmaker. She has directed several television documentaries including ‘Girl or Boy, the dilemma faced by trans people’, where she met Isaac.