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If Not, We Kill Him (Si no, lo matamos)



Original Language: Spanish | 448 pp. | May 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and North American rights

Rights sold: Germany (Suhrkamp)

Full German translation available.


“Rosa Ribas could have been the southern representative of Scandinavian cosy crime in the style of Camilla Läckberg: her protagonists are impeccably presented women with irreproachable conduct. Luckily for readers, they also share a keen black humour, a subtle but forceful rebellious streak and above all the will not to be branded by any label.” – Negra Tinta

“Rosa Ribas presented us with a character who we just know has come to stay in our imaginations: Inspector Weber-Tejedor.” – Qué Leer

“Rosa Ribas’ novels are entertaining, agile and well-narrated. Her protagonist is a thoroughly human character, made of flesh and blood and her books are populated with wonderful secondary characters. I highly recommend this series.” – Mis Detectives Favoritos

“A detective series with character that has well-deservedly won its place as a benchmark of the genre. Reading it is indispensable to any readers of detective fiction in search of great quality.” – Interrobang

“It’s inevitable that readers will admire Cornelia Weber-Tejedor and become immersed in her investigations. Ribas manages to hook us with her story and with each new case, she offers us a little bit more of her much adored protagonist.” – Anika entre Libros

The new novel about Inspector Cornelia Weber-Tejedor.
The novel forms part of one of the most well-renowned series among devoted readers of Spanish detective fiction and one of the highest selling series in Germany.A string of lucrative kidnappings, a murder without explanation and a half Spanish, half German police inspector in charge of an investigation that involves her far more than she would like.

Torsten Hagendorf, a respectable lawyer who works at an important law firm, is kidnapped by three masked men who demand his wife to give them everything of value in their house and as much money as she can take out immediately from their bank accounts. Torsten, however, manages to escape. Some hours later, when the Police Inspector Cornelia Weber-Tejedor and her partner deputy inspector Reiner Fischer question the married couple, they discover that this is not the first kidnapping to have taken place in Frankfurt recently. A criminal approach more associated with other countries has secretly infiltrated the peaceful but ever-changing German city. And it will put the work of Cornelia and her team to the test.

SI NO, LO MATAMOS once again shows Rosa Ribas’ talent for skilfully executed intrigue. She achieves the perfect balance between police investigation and personal life thanks to a protagonist who leaves a great impression on readers: Cornelia the homicide detective. Cornelia struggles in both her personal life, caught between two distinct cultures and also in her professional life, working in a team of predominantly male police officers.


sonst ist er tot

Germany (Suhrkamp)