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Ice Angel (IJsengel)



Original Language: Dutch | 304 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

English sample available

Over 12,500 copies sold


When media entrepreneur Berndt Müller is kidnapped the whole of Sweden is on the lookout. His family goes against police advice and gets in touch with his kidnappers, but when they pay the ransom nothing happens. Meanwhile Berndt finds out that he isn’t alone in the abandoned hotel that he’s held captive. Can the little girl that ends up gaining his trust be his way out?

Nathalie Pagie (1974) debuted with The Drama Club in 2013. After her second thriller, The Campus, she started writing an ongoing crime series about two journalists, Tara and Diego, who solve crimes in different exotic locations around the world. All three novels in the series are bestsellers: Birds of Paradise, Casa Familia, and Rio Grande. Casa Familia won her the Thrillzone Award 2017 for Best Dutch Thriller. In 2018 she wrote another standalone thriller, situated in Sweden, Ice Angel. Nathalie has sold more than 250.000 copies of her books in The Netherlands and Flanders.