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How We’re Going to Save the World. Manifesto for Climate Justice (Comment Nous Allons Sauver le Monde. Notre Affaire à Tous)

Author: ,


Original Language: French | 32 pp. | March 2019

2 Seas represents: World Excl. French rights.

Over 120,000 copies sold

Rights sold: Korea (Manongji Books, at auction)


The most-signed petition in French history. — Les Inrocks

Everybody’s Business has filed lawsuits against individual governments and the European Union, against multinational corporations and those who fund them. So far,over two million citizens have signed the Affaire du siècle (Case of the Century) petition,which supports the lawsuit against France for climate inaction. Our approach is collective; the climate movement belongs to all of us. So this is YOUR manifesto.

On January 10, 2019, the “Case of the Century” petition passed the milestone of two million signatures. Its purpose is to lend support to the lawsuit against the French government for “climate inaction.” Why do we need to change the system? How can we work together to achieve that? Can this model be reproduced by other grass-roots movements? How do we create a “we” composed of resistance and vigilance in order to incriminate any power structure or institution that is an accomplice to global warming? This manifesto is a call to rebel against the inaction of the“land of human rights” (as France has long styled itself), and to defend the Paris Agreement. Based on a large number of scientific studies, it assesses the state of our planet and points out the necessity for global mobilization.

Notre affaire à tous (Everybody’s Business) is a non-profit organization formed in the summer of 2015. The nine founding members are: Julien Bayou, Valérie Cabanes, Béatrice Fainzang, Wandrille Jumeaux, Vincent Madeline, Ingrid Metton, Samanta Novella, Marie Toussaint and Victor Vauquois. Rooted in the struggle to preserve nature, the organization works to establish climate justice. Its goal is to fight against climate change, the nuclear disaster, the depletion of natural resources, etc. Website: