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How To Succeed In Your Hypermodernity And Save The Rest Of Your Life In 25 Easy Steps



Original Language: French (Canada) | 240 pages | Sept. 2010

2 Seas Represents: Chinese simplified, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and English (USA) rights.

Rights Sold: Germany (Berlin Verlag).
Film Rights Sold: Nitro Films.

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from French-Canadian can be funded by the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles.


It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, right? The modern world has let us down—has let you down.

No doubt, a day will come when you say “Enough.” Maybe a spring day, at daybreak. Your father will be dead, your dream girl gone, and your aspirations in tatters. If you have any strength left, before it is too late, you’ll try to save what remains of your life.

Just follow the 25 easy steps outlined in this book and you’ll find solutions to many challenges, including:

• how do you survive the onset of the 21st century?

• how do you deal with the persistent fear of not living life to the fullest?

• how do you react when you find out your father has cancer?

•  do  you squander too much time on social media?

Discover this funny and moving book: a spoof of personal development guides, it tells the story of a man mourning the loss of his father, and an exploration of life today where things move ever faster but seem to lead nowhere.
A truly hypercontemporary book!