How to Grow Up like your Cat

Original title: Agir et grandir comme un chat

Author: Garnier, Stéphane

Publication Date:

October 2019



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Worldwide excl. French


Animals & Nature, Personal Development

How to Grow Up like your Cat

Original title: Agir et grandir comme un chat

Author: Garnier, Stéphane

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  • Rights Sold: Romania (Polirom, at auction), Poland (Andromeda), Vietnam (Tre), Hungary (Partvonal), Czech Republic (Jota), the Netherlands (Kosmos)


Adapted from the bestselling Act and Think Like a Cat, which was written for adults, this book is aimed at readers aged 9 to 12 and offers simple and judicious advice. Through the voice of Ziggy, an attentive, benevolent cat full of common sense, it offers inspired recommendations for young people. In 18 different situations, the cat becomes the reader’s companion and coaches us on how to live like a cat: how to become charismatic, cope with stress, be independent, stay Zen, maintain our freedom of thought among friends, overcome shyness, put down our mobile phone, or keep purrfectly calm and make nice with our parents… In short, to live happily, like a cat. It is a joyful, comforting, reassuring way to plan for the future.

Strong Points

  • The adaptation of a best-seller that has sold more than 200,000 copies in France and has been translated into 28 languages..
  • A feel-good book for young readers, light and original, centered around a cat.
  • A dynamic layout punctuated by drawings, quotes and “Switch to Cat-Mode” sheets.
  • A co-publication with Les Éditions de l’Opportun.

Stéphane Garnier is a jack-of-all-trades who, after having held jobs that could be a Prévert poem, starting writing with great speed and agility. His work includes a novel and humor books. His fascination with and observation of his cats has given him the opportunity to publish Le chat en 500 citations, l’encyclopédie Catissime and Agir et penser comme un chat (Season 1 and 2, and an exercise book) with Éditions de l’Opportun. He lives in Lyon.