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How To Be The Luckiest Person Alive!



Original Language: English (USA) | 166 pages | April 2011

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From a New York Times profile on James Altucher (August 6 2016):

“By writing candidly about his own triumphs and flameouts, Mr. Altucher ‘shows readers how they can succeed despite their flaws, not because of a lack of flaws,’ said Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling “4-Hour” self-improvement series. ‘This is hugely refreshing in a world of rah-rah positive-thinking gurus who are all forced smiles and high-fives.’”

“A talk he gave at a London church last year drew about 1,000 people, and fans have organized “Choose Yourself” meetups in cities around the world. On LinkedIn, where he publishes original free essays, Mr. Altucher has more than 485,000 followers and is ranked the No. 4 “influencer,” after Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mohamed A. El-Erian, the financier and author.”

James Altucher: The most interesting man in the world – Forbes

Mr. Altucher is simply practicing what he preaches. Over the last half-decade, this former tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and financial pundit has reinvented himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help guru, preaching survival in an era when the American Dream — the gold-embossed college diploma, the corner office, the three-bedroom home — seems like a sham. – NY Times

This guy has risen from the ashes so many times he’d make a phoenix jealous. – CNBC Make It

He seems to have figured out the secret of life. – Fox 5 Good Day New York

I always get the sense, when he’s talking about the down periods, that despite the hopelessness he describes, there’s always hope. – Psychology Today

Building from the core you can create the luck you need, the health you want, and find the wealth, success, and happiness you seek. This book describes the techniques I’ve used throughout my life to get the luck I needed to get through both the hard times and the great times.

LISTEN! You’ve been hypnotized. You’ve been told you need a corporate job. You need a college degree. You need stability. You need the white picket fence. Snap your fingers in front of your face. The American Religion is a myth. You don’t need the superficial external manifestations of the American Myth. Building from the core you can create the luck you need, the health you want, and find the success you seek. Stability is only in your mind. There’s 15 Trillion dollars in our economy, recession or no recession. It’s falling like snow. Reach out with your tongue and taste it.