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The House to the Right of My Grandmother’s (La Maison à droite de celle de ma grand-mère)



Original Language: French | 352 pp. | March 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

Under option: Korea, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan, Russia

Take Two Chapters and Call Me in the Morning: finalist for the Prix Marcel Aymé 2017


“Giacomo, come quick. The doctors are quite certain, the end is near.”

That is how our young hero, a mischievous, daydreaming translator, returns to the island of his childhood, where his grandmother’s health is failing. And even though he has a deadline to meet, suddenly the whole of Sardinia is keeping him there: Maria, his mother, who has never fully understood why her beloved son left home; Mario, his taciturn father; overwhelming uncle Gavino; Manuella the village grocer, with whom Giacomo was secretly in love as a child; the pretty dottoresse Alessandra, who is taking care of nonna at the hospital; Fabrizio, his childhood friend with a battered body and a big heart; and, especially, the mysterious Captain, a protective and somewhat enigmatic figure…

From a hidden cove to the picturesque streets lined with brightly coloured houses, between a mouthful of dolci and doctor Ignazio’s magic lozenges, home for Giacomo is an island. Will he be able to leave?

With this new book, Michael Uras declares his love for Sardinia but also writes an ode to life’s small joys and simple pleasures, all wrapped up in a mischievous and lively style. Get ready to be whisked away.

Praise for Take Two Chapters and Call Me in the Morning:

“A real little delight of a read!” — RTBF

“A delicious book that looks joyfully upon books” — Télé 7 jours