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Original Language: French | 316 pp. | June 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.

Rights Sold: Russia (Eksmo)

Over 65,000 copies sold — Film/TV rights sold to Vivendi content (Canal+, Studio canal, etc)

Foreign rights in previous titles published by Sonatine Editions, Adieu, Who? and Two Drops of Water also available. Over 200,000 copies sold in total

This novel is to be read with greed. – Avantage

Poignant, frightening and surprising. – Flair

[Expert] racks up false leads and traps, for a totally unpredictable ending. – La Tribune

A relentless plot that combines fantasy, hatred and madness. – Madame Figaro

An unremitting thriller, in which the reader gets lost between fantasy and reality. – Prima

It’s chilling. – Sud ouest

Sharp writing, remarkably precise, astute psychological analysis, suspense that is knowingly mastered up to a surprising end: the new novel by Jacques Expert really is hard to put down. – Télé Loisirs

You, like me, will doubtless be stunned by the devilish mastery of Jacques Expert. – VSD

No one plunges into missing child stories so intensely, to make gripping novels. Whether he puts the reader in the mind of a kidnapper or a devastated mother, the result is the same: the book is unputdownable, and sleep debt ensues. You said serial-writer? – Le Parisien Magazine

More intoxicating than ever. – Livres Hebdo

Jacques Expert is a manipulator of great talent. An acrobat of emotion with an impeccable simple style. Never over-the-top feelings, still less hysteria: the characters’ psychology is a model of accuracy. Interspersing the plot with snippets from statements from the police, judges, family and neighbors, he breathes life into this story that is inspired by a real piece of news and sets up a time bomb page by page. The final explosion is astounding. – Le Fiagro Magazine

The end will shoot you down without warning. So much so that you’ll read the last page several times. – Le Point 

Journalist and writer Jacques Expert rises to the level of the best “page turners” in France. – Voici


The dizzying new thriller from Jacques Expert!

1993 – Sophie Delalande is crazy about her daughter Hortense, nearly three, who she is bringing up by herself. Hortense helps her to forget the difficult relationship she has with her ex-husband, Sylvain. A violent man who left her when she was pregnant, she is denying him access. But one day Sylvain bursts into her home and takes Hortense. “Look at her. We are going to disappear and you will never see her again.”

2015 – After years of searching in vain, Sophie has never gotten over Hortense’s disappearance. A civil servant at the Ministry for Education, she leads a bleak and lonely life. Until one evening when a young blonde woman jostles her in the street. Sophie is convinced: it’s her daughter, it’s Hortense. She follows her, watching her relentlessly. Without telling her anything about their family link, she makes friends with the young woman, called Emmanuelle, to find out more about her. The relationship develops quickly and soon becomes the object of many mysteries. Could Sophie be victim to a psychotic delirium that makes her think this stranger is her daughter? And is the young woman as innocent as she seems?

Strong points: 

  • Taking a real news story as a starting point, Jacques Expert spins reality into a gripping novel.
  • Psychological accuracy combined with an amazing talent for plot, full of false leads and sudden developments. From the great Expert.


Russia (Eksmo)