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Hitler’s Girls



Original Language: English | 212 pp. | November 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, French, and Nordic rights.


Adolf Hitler’s secret mistress, an upstanding member of the British aristocracy, gives birth to a daughter. The child is whisked away at infancy and raised as an orphan. She is protected from the truth concerning her origins, but that doesn’t prevent the remnants of Hitler’s scattered empire from seeking her out as part of a plot to reignite their dream of conquering Europe.

Enter into our drama that starchy, conservative Jean Hastie, an art historian and official for the Scottish National Trust. When her best friend Monica is murdered she is determined to avenge her death and to rescue Monica’s granddaughter, Mel, who is missing and the prime suspect in the crime. She soon finds herself embroiled in the neo-Nazi’s conspiracy.

Jean sets off to find Mel, traversing crime-ridden London housing projects, the Paris apartment of a former Nazi lawyer, and a chateau in the South of France where a quaint village camouflages a sinister political conclave.

In Hitler’s Girls, Emma Tennant and Hilary Baily’s wry, atmospheric prose conjures a whirlwind adventure of international intrigue, subtle humor, and terrifying, timely, political speculation.