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Help! I’ve Been Eaten by Words (Au secours! Les mots m’ont mangé)



Original Language: French | 110 pp. | April 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Over 20,000 copies sold


Bernard Pivot narrates with extravaganza the fate of a writer… an opportunity to have fun with language, spelling and literary life. – Lire

This text is a declaration of love for language. Pivot puts words in his mouth. He consumes himself. Or rather, he consumes you. – Le Figaro littéraire

Bernard Pivot delivers his memories and literary encounters, in his own humor, eloquence and sense of vulgarization. – La Dépêche

A truculent revelation that has no other purpose than to strengthen our passion for reading and writing. – L’Indépendant

Funny, wise and vicious, like Pivot himself. – Les Inrockuptibles

This is just jubilation and pleasure, juggling with words, ideas and situations. – Le Journal de Elbeuf

A tasty book! – Entrée Libre, France 5

An exquisite concentration of humor, finesse, dedication and even affection for the French language. – Le Havre Libre

This book is a crazy declaration of love to words, written by the President of the Académie Goncourt, home to the most prestigious literary prize in France, the Prix Goncourt.

In this short text, Bernard Pivot tells the story of a man who, from his birth to his death, constantly feels ‘eaten’ by words. His successful career as a novelist doesn’t change anything: he always seems to be the slave of words, rather than their master. The result is a moving and malicious tribute to words and literature that is accessible to a broad readership.