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Why Happy People Don’t Have Smartphones (Pourquoi les gens heureux n’ont plus de smartphone)



Original Language: French | 256 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: World excl. French

Under option: Russia


Written by mind control expert John Bastardi Daumont, author of the successful Les Secrets d’un mentaliste (The Secrets of a Mentalist), this book aims to cure our smartphone and Internet addiction so we can take back control of our life and mind

 The penny dropped for John Bastardi Daumont a few years ago in a meeting with a Russian businessman, a master of international negotiations. Surrounded by highly connected businessmen, this man pulled from his pocket a plain old ‘dumb’ phone (a phone that does nothing but telephone). Astonished, John asked how he managed his affairs without being plugged in and available all of the time. The Russian replied: “I have to be sharp. I can’t be polluted by the Internet.”

Studies have shown that westerners check their smartphones on average 200 times per day. These tech interactions often interrupt work, conversations with friends, time spent with our children and moments with our other halves… At the end the day we are left feeling exhausted and frustrated. Stress, burn out and procrastination have never been so rife.

This book offers to help us avoid the manipulations of the tech giants (Google, Facebook, etc.) and recover our thinking time so we can reclaim the satisfaction of a productive day.  With simple methods that anyone can use, we can at last enjoy the pleasures of concentration and true relaxation, at work and at home, without missing out on any of the advantages that new technology brings.

A lawyer and an expert in psychological manipulation, John Bastadi Daumont belongs to generation X, the last generation to experience an Internet-free childhood. He is the author of the highly successful Les Secrets d’un mentaliste (The Secrets of a Mentalist, Editions de la Martinière, 2011).