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Habemus Piratam



Original Language: French | 228 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and North American rights


Pierre Raufast is one of the rising stars among the French novelists. In this new novel, the king of engineering literature furthers his epic style. He combines science with fantasy and creates an educational novel, which is also an adventure.

There is an odd penitent in the old confessional of an isolated parish on the Chantebrie valley. With self-indulgence, he claims to have violated the Ten Commandments from the singleness of God to coveting one’s property and one’s wife… He did all that in the name of the Hacking God. The good parish priest is shaken up by these revelations. He was not prepared for the confession of an Internet virtuoso who knows everything about hacking.

In the process, we learn how to steal the Mona Lisa, how to create an electricity blackout in Toulouse, how to spy on a very well-known female writer, how to ruin a wealthy tycoon, how to sculpt lecherous molars, how to turn webmasters into cuckolds, how to deal with insider treading…

Meanwhile, chaos is rising in the peaceful little village. Secrets seem eager to flow to the surface, whether they are buried deep in time or deep in the meadow’s corner. The plot is sprawling and happening worldwide.

Pierre Raufast’s poetic imagination is seductive. It is as funny as it is delicate. It’s a jumble of farcical situations, a resonance with the state of the world, a narrative structure built with care, the work of a wordsmith with the perfect turn of phrase.

Born in Marseille in 1973, Pierre Raufast graduated from L’École des Mines in Nancy. He lives and works as an engineer in Clermont-Ferrand. His first novel, The ravioli’s fractal («Talent à découvrir Cultura» 2014) was a tremendous success (40,000 copies sold). He then published The Chilean variant (2015) and The solitary whale (2017) and won the readers’ interest for good.