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Gurus (Goeroes)



Original Language: Dutch | 256 | March 2019

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

Under option: Korea

English sample available

For fans of the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country


Stine Jensen examines the temptations and dangers of modern spirituality. For fans of the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country

A lot of modern spirituality is not as zen as we think it is. The comparison with a repressive religion is obvious when there is a dependency on a spiritual leader. On the other hand, the power of modern spirituality often lies in the appealing idea of a community within an individualistic society. In Gurus, Stine Jensen examines the relation between dependency and independency, autonomy and resignation and a desire for subjugation.

Stine Jensen (1972) is a philosopher, (television) program maker and writer. Hollands Diep previously published THE EDUCATORS, in which she and Frank Meester offer philosophical tools for exasperated parents. January 2019, Stine Jensen wrote the essay for the Dutch Month of the Spirituality, First Love.