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Grand Fauchage Intérieur



Original Language: French | 176 pp. | August 2017

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic countries, and English (USA) Rights.


A trip to Lebanon that leads to an escape out of time, out of the self.

Jeanne is a photographer. She is on a quick trip to Lebanon to complete a project on cemeteries. The plane lands and there is of course the dazzling sun, the stifling heat, the remnants of war as well as the secret drama she is hiding deep inside. But there is also the warm, insistent welcome of the Levantine people, their taste for perfume and elegant, heady meals… and then there is Julien.

Julien has just arrived from Paris. He is also just passing through Beirut for a few days. Julien wastes no time in pushing Jeanne to her limits. He wants her; he will not listen to reason. But could such an affair mean to her? At her age? After everything she’s been through? Wouldn’t it be foolish to surrender? Wouldn’t it be dangerous to destroy her hard-won equilibrium?

Thanks to her extraordinarily sensual writing and her bold gamble of allowing fantastic to crop up in the middle of a story that evokes the myriad details of reality, Stéphanie Filion has us thinking about time, possible lives and parallel universes. Here, the journey takes its full dimension as both an escape out of time and a return to the person we were at the beginning, to the person we have, in fact, always been at heart.

Stéphanie Filion is a poet and novelist. She has published Almanach des exils as well as two collections of poems, L’Orient, Louisiana (2013) and Nous les vivants (2015). Grand fauchage intérieur is her first novel.