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Glass Tigers (Tigres de cristal)



Original Language: Spanish | 490 pp. | May 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English (North America) Rights

Rights sold: Catalan (Rosa dels Vents)


We all had a “best friend” at school. A boy or girl with whom we shared our games, our homework, our most intimate secrets. Someone who seemed to be all the time by our side, in class, in the playground, at each other’s home. Two inseparable shadows kicking a ball and running together through the fun and sometimes scary moments of childhood, two souls who believed blindly in the main rule of friendship: never tattle.

But now that he is more than forty, the last person that Víctor Yagüe wants to meet is his old buddy from school, Juan Pedro Zamora. And not only because it’s been ages since they saw each other for the last time, but because their friendship ended abruptly when both killed another boy from school: a bully who tormented them more than they could bear. Back in 1979, both were equally guilty but only Juan Pedro was charged and kept silent about Victor’s complicity. He fulfilled his promise, he obeyed the rule.

In 2013, Juan Pedro is a broken man while Victor can be considered a winner. A successful man who feels strangely in debt with this guy who seems to be totally alone in the world. But the ghosts of the past, which Victor has tried to ignore for years, appear again and, with them, a haunting question. What price is he ready to pay to atone for his unpunished sin?

Set in contemporary Barcelona and in 1979, this psychological thriller with echoes of Mystic River explores the limits of friendship and forgiveness, of guilt and penance. A twisted and gripping story that reminds to Stand by Me, with two main characters who could be in a Patricia Highsmith novel, it also gives an accurate and literary portrait of life in Spain in the last decades. From the exciting birth of democracy to the hopeless reality that has dyed our present society in dark shades of cynicism.