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A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene



Original Language: English (UK) | 112 pp. | February 2018

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“A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene is everything I never knew I wanted: a disgusting, hilarious, and honest book that pays tribute to the female body and all of its habits and suppurations. It is delightfully and uncomfortably relatable and I love it with my whole self—heart, sweat, bowels, and all.”
—Carmen Maria Machado, author of Her Body and Other Parties

“An indelicate, necessary treasure—its gross joys deliver humanizing relief.”
​—Alissa Nutting, author of Made for Love and Tampa

“This book should be tucked under punch bowls at every debutante ball and bundled with boxes of Girl Scout cookies from here on out.”
—Amelia Gray, author of Gutshot and Isadora


Girls are disgusting and gross and nasty.

On the surface, we can appear prim and proper, but I’ll be the first to admit: we can be filthy creatures. We can gather at a party, a picnic, a baby or wedding shower, even a book club, and talk about poop habits, puke catastrophes, pus-filled pimples in the oddest of places, and more.

Which is why these brave and funny and icky and gleeful and gross and real and completely shameless anecdotes will entertain the women in your offices. Even if they don’t admit it.

Tallulah Pomeroy’s A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene started on Facebook, when Tallulah set up a group and asked her friends to share stories about their “unladylike” behaviors. Soon she was flooded with submissions about pooping during childbirth, farting on your significant other, and picking your nose when no one is looking. Her whimsical illustrations, reminiscent of one of my favorite artists, Quentin Blake, capture these stories in beautiful watercolors that first make you pause and then make you giggle.



Tallulah Pomeroy is a 20-something English writer, illustrator, and artist, living in Bristol, UK. She illustrated Hallelujah I’m a Bum, a book of Callie Garnett’s poems published by Ugly Duckling Presse (it’s an art and publishing collective based in Brooklyn) in 2015. Her poetry has been published in Poems by Sunday and Coldfront magazine. She’s also the in-house illustrator for Catapult magazine.