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Girl on the Net – My Not So Shameful Sex Secrets



Original Language: English | 260 pp. | 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic rights.


This book is like Twilight, if Twilight was about sex instead of Vampires and didn’t hate women.Martin Robbins, author of The Lay Scientist at the Guardian

This is the thinking gentleman/woman’s filth, and will equally delight and disgust you. It is a frank and honest, which are two of the best qualities for a memoir to be, in my opinion. – BookCunt

Amazon Bestseller!

This is a funny, hot, independent woman’s look at real life sex. Following the life and journey of anonymous sex blogger ‘Girl on the Net’, this memoir gives a frank and honest appraisal of her own experiences as well as of our attitudes towards sex, our often stereotyped views about the women who like it, and lots of intimate details of the ways in which we do it.

For those who enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey (and those who wondered why it was so tame) and other similar books, this memoir is told with a sequence of stories about the men that ‘Girl on the Net’ has slept with, from her sexual awakening to the present day, alongside discussion – often funny, always sexy, and sometimes dark – of the assumptions we have about sex.

Following the various encounters with the men she had sex with since she was a teenager, each story also deals with a specific topic like dominance, submission, fetishes, role-play, group sex, threesomes, swinging, internet sex, married men and so on.
The first half of the book focuses on sexual awakenings and discoveries, and the realisation that most of the things we’re taught to assume about women are wrong. ‘Girl on the Net’ falls in love, has her heart broken, and learns that being ‘the filthy girl’, who likes experimenting with sex and is honest about her desires, makes it harder to find a relationship with a man. Eventually she meets a man who seems perfect, who joins her in experimenting with BDSM, group sex, and sex with lesbians. They move in together and come tantalisingly close to providing a ‘happy ever after’, until ‘Girl on the Net’ cheats on him, and realises that her own pursuit of lust and satisfaction can ruin things if she doesn’t control it.
But against all her wishes, and despite her repeated attempts to throw him off, one of the men she meets halfway through the book ends up planting himself deep into her affections. She tries to keep things casual, but comes to the realisation that he can actually give her all she’s been after – that lustful feeling, that kick-in-the-gut. And she wants him to do it every day.

With erotica bursting into the mainstream, and sex almost permanently in the headlines and on our screens, now is the perfect time to explore the possibilities within this genre and offer a real life perspective of someone who loves sex and is determined to pursue it on her own terms.

‘Girl on the Net’ has been blogging about sex since 2011, and her blog now reaches over 90,000 people each month. So far in 2014 it has had over 800,000 visits and more than 1.5 million pageviews. On Twitter she has over 9,000 followers.
She has written for the Guardian, the New Statesman, and a number of other online publications such as and The Debrief. She has featured in FHM magazine, Glamour Magazine, and was named one of the London Evening Standard’s top sex bloggers. She has also been nominated one of the top 100 sex bloggers at for the last two years in a row, and is currently ranked #15 on the ‘top 100 sex bloggers in the world’.