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Four Corners



Original Language: English (USA) | 296 pp. | June 2014


2 Seas Represents: French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Rights.

Wally Rudolph’s meth-and-cocaine-addled protagonists reel through a nonstop catastrophe of violence, flight, and revenge, too self-destructive to have anything more than a prayer–but they are real. The action is urgent and compelling, the details are as crisp as the light that falls on Santa Fe. Wally knows the territory. And the territory is the human heart.  — Jack ButlerPulitzer Prize Finalist forLiving in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock

A familiar noirish plot enlivened by its no-nonsense, rough-living narrator — Kirkus

Four Corners is a bare-knuckled debut novel in the style of Daniel Woodrell, Barry Hannah, and Charles Bowden —a savage, mean-streets thriller and a heartbreaking story of unfortunate love, carved from the barren, distinct landscapes of the American Southwest.

For the better part of 37 years, Frank Bruce has hobbled through his life, dragging his hunger for amphetamines, alcohol, and crime behind him like a heap of tarnished weight. Now, emboldened by the love of his child-fiancé Maddie, Frank goes on the run through the drug underworld of the Southwest trying to save a young boy from his meth-riddled father and casino mogul grandfather. Determined to protect what he loves, Frank seeks out his onetime mentor, drug kingpin Jon Santer, and in doing so, triggers a vile reckoning with Shenk, his henchmen, and his terrible, corrupt legacy.