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Farewell to the Ghosts (Addio fantasmi)



Original Language: Italian | 204 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.

Rights sold: France (Gallimard/La table ronde), Slovakia (Inaque), USA (Seven Stories Press, WEL), Spain (Libros del Asteroide), Germany (Aufbau, at auction), Czech Republic (Odeon/Euromedia), Catalan (Altra, at auction), Denmark (Grif), Serbia (Laguna), Croatia (Fraktura), the Netherlands (Cossee, at auction)

French sample available (translation by Lise Caillat)

Selected among the 10 Best Books published in Italy in 2018 by Corriere della Sera


“Nadia Terranova’s narrative style upsets for its precision and sensitivity” — Annie Ernaux

“A writing that reaches truly extraordinary levels of balance and maturity “(…),” The charm of her child memories with her father: the kisses, the cuddles, the scent of his tobacco, that day on the boat together towards Stromboli to look at the dolphins, the walks along the sea on her skates”(…), in” an overwhelming Messina that hides thousand souls within.” — Massimo Recalcati, La Repubblica

Nadia Terranova is winner of Bagutta Opera Prima Prize, Premio Fiesole, Premio Brancati, Bridge Book Award in 2016 and she won also the Premio Bergamo in 2017 with her previous novel Gli anni al contrario

Ida has just disembarked in Messina, Sicily, her hometown. Her mother asked her to come by as she wants to renovate the family apartment to put it up for sale. Surrounded by the objects of her past and having to decide what to keep and what to throw away, Ida is forced to deal with the trauma she faced as a girl, twenty-three years earlier, when her father disappeared.

Her father is not dead, though. He simply left one morning and never came back.

The fierce silences between mother and daughter, the unbalanced friendships always leaving her emotionally drained, the sense of an identity based on anomaly, even the relationship with her husband – salvation and failure at the same time – everything revolves around the figure of her absent father.

Mirroring herself in the absence of her father, Ida has grown up into a woman dominated by fear, and suspicious of any form of desire. However, as her childhood home besieges her with its ghosts, Ida will have to find a way to break the spiral and let her father leave the scene.

Addio fantasmi is a literary novel of great sensitivity built around a void and around an unforgettable woman, both fragile and strong.

Nadia Terranova (Messina, 1978). Gli anni al contrario, her debut novel (Italy: Einaudi Stile Libero) was published also in France. She wrote several children’s books, including Casca il mondo (Mondadori, 2016) and Bruno, il bambino che imparò a volare (Orecchio Acerbo, 2012), which have been translated into Spanish, Polish and Lithuanian. She collaborates with “la Repubblica” and other newspapers.