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Falling (Vallen)



Original Language: Dutch | 336 pp. | June 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

Over 22,000 copies sold in both Falling and Rising


Women’s Fiction Van Laren’s spicy, original voice, and her wit and self-reflection make this novel a joy to read! — (*****)

A wonderful novel packed with great characters and good humour! — (*****)

Looking for a novel with humour, an exclusive insight into the world of music, and love? Make sure you read Falling. —

I think Falling will be a great hit this Summer. —

Second book in the series: RISING

A heart-warming feel-good novel about true love

Journalist Anne Miller has a job with a tabloid magazine and is engaged to Ian, a real gentleman. During an interview with Rory Maquary, the lead singer of a hugely famous rock band, an accomplished actor and a notorious Hollywood bad boy, she immediately forms an unexpected, unexplainable bond with Rory’s three-year-old son. The confused little boy has been having a hard time ever since his mother left them and reacts to Anne in a way his father has never seen before. Rory throws caution to the wind and makes Anne an offer she can’t re- fuse: if she joins the American tour of the band to take care of his son, she’ll be granted an in-depth, tell-all article about him and the rest of the band. Without thinking twice, Anne agrees and leaves without looking back. She tries to convince herself it’s all for her career, and for the hurt little boy. But with each day that passes, and against all odds, Anne and Rory feel the attraction between them grow…


Quotes about the Q-series by Jackie van Laren:

‘Lovely book, a joy to read!’ — Vrouw Glossy, De Telegraaf

‘A rollercoaster of emotions, excitement and attraction.’ ***** —

‘A wonderful, fast-paced novel that you can’t put down.’ —

‘I finished it in one sitting. The story is exciting, funny and easy to read.’ —

‘Van Laren humorously writes about the DJ-world and creates some really good characters.’ —