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In Every City (In alle steden)



Original Language: Dutch | 256 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: World excl. Dutch rights.

English sample available


What does the future hold for a society based on fear and without any compassion?

In Every City tells the story of true optimist Bennie: fired from his job and an alcoholic, but in good spirits. In a world in which the division between poor and rich has become increasingly sharper, he finds his way along numerous illegal pubs. He moves carelessly through a society where only two forms of education exist, health is one’s own responsibility, and religion is united against a common enemy. With his social status reduced to zero, he strays from job to job. He tries to find his way back to a better life, assisted by a wide array of companions.

In Every City is a cheerful dystopia about a world where only the right of the strongest prevails. With the hand of a master, Weverling depicts the life of a man who must process setback after setback but refuses to throw in the towel.